Primary Care Trust Signage is a specialist service offered by G Print Signs to organisations in Gatwick operating in the healthcare sector that are under the management of their local Care Trust.

At G Print Signs we closely monitor and record changes in the NHS Brand Guidelines concerning Primary Care Trust organisations, which means that we are capable of producing high quality signs that are in full compliance with NHS guidelines in terms of design, layout and colour, as well as being generally informative to the public.

We offer a comprehensive set of Primary Care Trust signs and signage in for organisations in Gatwick and the surrounding areas. Our signs help patients and visitors to clearly identify NHS buildings and individual services and also help with internal wayfinding, access and on site safety.

External Primary Care Trust Signage in Gatwick

Often the connection or point of contact between visitor and healthcare centre, external Primary Care Trust Signs plays a vital role for people looking for specific services and facilities. At G Print Signs we produce signage that not only clearly identifies the building or department but also provides any additional information that you need to display.

All of our front of house Primary Care Trust Signage in Gatwick is based on clearly marked out design templates that provide a degree of flexibility in terms of the design, production and manufacture of your signs, as well as the materials used, whilst keeping within the framework of NHS Guidelines. They also provide a clear point of reference for patients and visitors seeking out individual services.

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NHS Signs
NHS Signs

Internal Primary Care Trust Signage in Gatwick

Once visitors have entered the building it is important that they are properly informed and directed towards the relevant service. Our Internal Primary Care Trust Signs follow strict guidelines and procedures in order to ensure that they display clear, legible information that is easy to read and understand and provides people with a clear sense of direction.

G Print Signs can use a combination of words, symbols, images and graphic details to produce a fully comprehensive set of Internal Primary Care Trust Signage, each of which follows our own high production standards. We also keep to the following rules:

  • Clear, bold and legible Typeface
  • Both upper case and lower case letters
  • No use of Italics
  • Use of contrasting colours for background and type (NHS brand guidelines recommend NHS blue on white)
  • Clear Directional Panels and Colour Coded Panels where relevant

We can also produce signs with specialist symbols to aid the visually impaired and provide both access and safety signs to help people with disabilities or physical impairments.