Often serving as the first point of contact between your organisation and the outside world, exterior signs and signage equipment serve a huge range of practical applications as well as reinforcing your brand values. As such, they need to be welcoming, attractive and informational whilst also being clear, concise and instantly recognisable.

G-Print Signs can design, manufacture and install a full range of exterior signs and signage to suit any application or niche. From the outset we consider both function and style in order to create exterior signs in Surrey that display vital information – including company name, logo and contact details – in an eye-catching way whilst also conforming to company branding and livery.

We offer a comprehensive range of signs including monolith signs, boards, plaques and 3D lettering.

Exterior Signs
Exterior Signs
Exterior Signs

Specialist Exterior Signs in Surrey

As well as looking the part, it is important that your signs serve their appropriate function and provide clear, easy to read information that people can understand immediately. At G-Print Signs we can produce a full set of signs to be used to fill numerous functions, including directional and wayfinding exterior signs in Surrey. This includes signs of all shapes, sizes, colours and designs.

The range of signs that we can produce includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hotel Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Company and Corporate Branding
  • NHS Signs

We can also design, produce and install innovative LED exterior signs that last longer and consume less power than conventional lighted signage. This facility allows you to display your exterior signs in a clear, visually attractive way whilst reducing costs spent over time on maintenance and energy.

Production Methods

We use state of the art production methods and techniques in order to produce our range of signs and signage equipment. This includes a dedicated in-house PC and Mac Design studio, which allows us to produce scaled artwork renderings that fully reflect the attributes of the finished products and means that we can produce signs that fit exactly with the required specifications.

Once we have arrived at a design that works, our high quality production methods and values ensure that each sign we produce is done so to the highest industry standards. G Print Signs can also install our signs on-site and carry out maintenance work on an ongoing basis.

In the past we have provided exterior signs in Surrey for organisations such as Unilever, York International and Aurora Hotels amongst others.