Vehicle Graphics increase advertising

We supply vinyl and magnetic vehicle graphics for businesses of all sizes at a competitive price.

When you operate your own business there is nothing more important than consistent advertising. Whatever the size and nature of your enterprise it is essential to ensure your business name and logo are being seen on a regular basis. Businesses, like all other entities now exist in the digital age and the internet is a productive platform for locating potential clients and customers. However, it is prudent to cover all bases and attempt to connect with as many people as possible which is why vehicle graphics are a proven way of advertising.

Vehicle graphics offer the two major benefits of cost effective and comprehensive exposure. The application of images displaying your company name, logo and contact details enables your business presence to be seen by countless people on a daily basis. Every time you drive your vehicle, every appointment, job and meeting you attend enables you to advertise on the move.

Vehicle graphics can simply pay for themselves multiple times by attracting new business and delivering impressive and durable results. Our competitively priced vinyl graphics are of the highest quality and we also supply magnetic graphics which can be easily removed for convenience.

5 Rules for Effective Signs in Surrey

A vital aspect of the branding for any company or organisation is the signage that it employs. People very often take for granted the impact of something as simple and basic as a clear, distinctive and attractive sign over a shop front. However, this one sign in fact has to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, acting to inform, educate and at times entertain all at the same time.

This means that when it comes to the design of your sign, it is important to keep in mind a number of key factors in order to deliver instant brand recognition.

Get Maximum Exposure for Your Brand

Throughout the world today, there is an incredible – and understandable – drive from competing brands to stand out from the rest, with the result that the average person is bombarded in all directions by marketing materials of one form or another. This means that any message you intend to communicate to your target audience needs to be clear and direct, as does any sign that bears these messages.

Concision and clarity are vital here – no matter what audience you target or message you intend to deliver, keeping your signs in Surrey clear and easy to understand will always trump cluttered, confused or even misleading signs and media.
Wherever you plan to display your company, consider the below five points as this will only help improve your marketing campaign and, ultimately, the recognition of your brand.

  1. Size – how much space do you actually require? Consider streamlining your message so that less information becomes more
  2. Logo – should be the main feature and focal point for your sign in Surrey, creating instant recognition and then association between sign and brand
  3. Colour Scheme – does your colour scheme stand out and demand attention? Use colours that go well together to create a vibrant, distinctive contrast between the background and the logo
  4. Design – does your sign create a distinctive, personalised and engaging experience for the viewer? Make sure that any letters or symbols are clearly legible from a distance
  5. Placement – consider the height and positioning of the sign in relation to its intended surroundings. This can have a huge impact on the visual experience your audience receives

By following these golden rules and combining them with our years of experience in the field, we can create an ever increasing range of complementary signs, exhibition materials and vehicle graphics for our clients in Surrey and the South East.

At G-Print Signs, our in house designers aim for maximum effect across the range of signs and related media that we continue to provide, delivering a clear, concise message that accurately conveys the values of each brand we work with. For more information about our services please feel free to get in touch or submit an enquiry.

The Transformation of the Hare & Hounds Public House

One of our more recent projects saw us working closely with the staff at the Hare & Hounds Public House in Lingfield as they underwent a long awaited transformation. We were delighted to become part of the process that saw the establishment emerge as the Hare Bar & Grill, complete with a new and distinctive look.

We were able to work successfully with the management and staff at the Hare & Hounds to fulfil all their signage requirements, giving the new establishment a character all of its own.

As part of the project we came up with the design of The Hare Bar & Grill logo, manufactured, supplied and fitted a wide range of signage. All signs were designed to the specifications of The Hare Bar & Grill branding. A total signage package was called for in this case and we were more than happy to offer a number of bespoke signage solutions. In the end we were able to provide:

  • An LED illuminated sign with Halo Illuminated letters
  • Flat Cut Stainless Steel letter with vinyl graphics to the face and studded off
  • Pavement signs
  • Printed Banner
  • Chalk Board Swing Signs
  • Printed Sign Panels
  • Post and rail sign
  • Wall Graphics

In our experience each job is unique – it was important to keep that in mind when considering the best solution for the Hare & Hounds. Having produced clear, informative and attractive signage that was fit for purpose, we have every confidence that the Hare & Hounds will continue to go from strength to strength and we thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the pub’s history.

Stand out from the rest

Defining your brand is one of the most important aspects of marketing, as your brand forms the first impression of the business, one which your client base will form their initial thoughts about the products and services you provide. Getting a distinctive, bespoke brand can establish your characteristics in full, setting your business apart from the rest, and getting appropriate signage is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Whatever the scale of your enterprise – from a start-up or store to a multinational organisation – having the right signage can announce your intentions as well as draw attention to your business. This can be done in any number of ways, and in terms of signage getting the right artwork and exhibition graphics can make a big difference, making your workplace a brighter, more positive working environment as well as proving more attractive to potential customers.

The advantages gained, not just in the increasing the reputation of the business but also in distributing vital information such as the name, logo and contact details of a business often prove to be a worthwhile investment that repays itself many times over.

In fact, signage can be one of the most effective means of advertising around today, especially within a commercial setting; having a brand that stands apart from the rest is vital to remaining competitive, and you can go to any town or city centre to see this process in action. In high traffic areas, becoming as visible as possible and gaining brand recognition is a proven and cost effective means of achieving success, as well as displaying the image and values that the company wishes to reflect.

Today, there is a whole range of companies that can carry out effective signage services, ranging from craftsman signage writers to specialised manufacturers can undertake large scale production, and this really reflects the important of signs within increasingly competitive markets. Clearly, creating and maintaining a consistent identity for a company is as important as ever when it comes to promoting that firm’s services and products, with bespoke signage being highly cost-effective promotional tool.